Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Ultimate Unrequited

He feels the rejection
He feels the heartbreak
The object of His affection, the crown of His creation
Daily choosing another lover, choosing another path
He feels it

He understands the pain
He understands the burden
He too can't stop thinking about them
He too would do anything to see them happy
He understands you

He knows that knot
He knows that ache
The longing for them to feel likewise
Yet they remain oblivious or dismissive
He knows

He longs to show
He longs to share
The depth of His love and affection
The lengths that He would go to to win them
He longs just like you

So He came
He made Himself known
He showed in the way He cared 
In the way He prayed
In the way He spoke
In the way he valued people
Yet His love was unrequited
And those He loved put Him to death
But because He loved them
He bore the pain, the separation, the heartache

For one reason

He feels this love for you
He understands your deepest needs and weaknesses
He knows the best path for you
He longs for you to choose to walk it with Him

So come
Because He loves you

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