Monday, 26 October 2015

"Ahhhh Vienna!"

The song referenced in this blog post title was popping up in my head aaaaallll last week. Why so? You may ask. Well I got myself on a little jolly with work to a programming conference that was held in Vienna. I took my tour-guide-german-speaking brother with me for company, adventures and communicating with locals! Here is a very brief summary of our week in pictures (disclaimer, I am no photographer, these shots are all just for fun):

After some initial exploring around Vienna, we took the bus to the Beautiful Schonbrunn Palace. As you can see, it was pretty chilly so we're modeling our favourite woolly hats!
And of course, one must curtsey when one visits a palace!
After a tip from a friend we visited the Strudelshow at Schonbrunn where they demonstrate how they make the traditional Apple Strudel. Rhys even managed to get himself roped into helping out!

I, on the other hand, focused my energies into sampling the Viennese treat!
Speaking of sweet treats, this is something Vienna has no shortage of. The cafe culture there is amazing, with beautiful, ornate buildings, live piano music and of course the wonderful food and drinks.
In amongst the eating and enjoying ourselves. There was work to be done and a conference to attend. It was a really good experience and opportunity to see a bigger picture of the industry, but so much information to take in!

And they don't just send you on a jolly for nothing, I did actually have to speak in the Industry Starters stream. I think it went well though, I had positive feedback and was a big learning process putting it all together and sharing it with people.

Then as the conference finished my brother and I celebrated by going to see Mary Poppins 'auf Deutsch'! It was fantastic, such a spectacle and even in another language it got pretty emotional. Supercalifragilisticexpealidetisch!

On our last free day, I thoroughly enjoyed riding around Vienna on a Segway, which is something I've been wanting to try for years. Such fun!

As well as sampling Strudel, the one thing you have to do in Vienna is hear some Mozart. On our last evening, we saw this small ensemble play a whole range of pieces including a couple of Mozart's at the stunning Karlkirche. It was beautiful.

 Ahhhhh, Vienna!

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