Friday, 14 August 2015

Man, I feel like a woman.

I enjoy cleaning
I like wearing dresses
I don’t cry that often
I wear heels as I cycle
I lift weights
I change my own car bulbs
I love to dance
I like wearing make up
I like not wearing make up
I knit and crochet
I can chat on the phone for hours
I want to nurture people
I can be really selfish
I’m not a big fan of pink
I am a huge fan of yellow
I like taking on a challenge
I enjoy pretty things
I don’t really like movies
I am frequently out of my depth
I knocked down a wall on my own (on purpose)
I am fond of cooking for people
I enjoy talking
I love listening
I can have a bit of a potty mouth
I love getting a sweat on at the gym
I want to be bolder with my faith
I want to be gentler with my faith
I don’t like driving
I am ace at assembling flat pack
I can be manipulative
I rarely hug
I quite enjoy researching finance
I love colour co-ordination
I have a hidden talent of washing cars

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about what it means to be a woman of God. A lot of what I read focuses so much on 'traditional' ideas of what biblical manhood or womanhood is and I think though such ideas are not necessarily wrong, it's just so narrow and misses the point. Being a woman of God, is about so much more than modesty or gentleness, and being a man of God actually probably encompasses these characteristics also. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that being a woman of God is pretty much exactly the same as being a man of God. It is simply loving Jesus, knowing Jesus and sharing Jesus, whether that looks traditionally ‘manly’ or ‘womanly’. Every single statement above is true about the woman of God that I am, no item on that list makes me any more or any less of a woman. I want to stand up for girls (and guys) today, to dispel any myths of expectations they think apply to their gender and encourage them and to give over every part of themselves to a God who wants to bring out the best in them. I love being a woman, but mainly I just love life and the life-giver Himself.

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