Thursday, 7 May 2015

'Thank God For' Friday

Well, anyone living in the UK faces uncertainty as we wake up this Friday about who will be governing our country for the next five years and how they will be governing it. But I am so thankful to have had a say in it. 

This Friday I thank God for…freedom. 

On Thursday morning, before heading off to work, I was able to freely walk to my polling station, which was barely two minutes away. I walked in, my name was confirmed to be on the register and I went to the booth where I privately and independently placed an X in my box of choice. No-one questioned me, coerced me, pressurised me, bribed me or attacked me, and I am confident that once my ballot paper entered the ballot box it was not tampered with or falsified but kept for counting at the appropriate time. These things described above are sadly not a worldwide standard, but a privilege and a sign of the liberty we enjoy in this country.

Regardless of the outcome of this year's election - whether the party I voted for 'get in' in my constituency or form the next government or neither or both - I am satisfied and extremely thankful that my vote is valid and fair and worthwhile and I thank God for it. 

Furthermore I am beyond thankful that the freedom I experience as a British citizen is only a taste of the ultimate freedom of knowing Christ and being found in him. Similarly, I have confidence that the power given to any minister or government a mere shadow of God's ultimate rule over our world, and his rule is good, just, merciful and compassionate (although beyond my comprehension a lot of the time). 

Thank God for freedom in this land and in life with him, and I'll be praying that whoever the next government consists of, they will endeavour to rule with goodness, justice, mercy and compassion also.  

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