Thursday, 12 March 2015


Earlier this week I was asked a question that caught me offguard. My friend said something like, "So if all this God and Christian stuff you talk about is true. I don't see what would be in it for me. What is there to excite me? Why is it worth it?" Well I was lost for words, even though I do find it incredibly exciting and do not doubt that choosing to follow Jesus was the single most worthwhile decision I've ever made. That question has been going round in my head a few days, I felt challenged to be able to answer coherently and comprehensively, as in 1 Peter 4:6, to 'be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks [me] to give the reason for the hope that [I] have.' As I've been forming the answer in my mind, it's kind of naturally taken the form of a poem. This is not something I've tried before (well, except school). So here's me, poetically trying to answer, 'If the God Christians believe in really exists, is he worth following?'


Suppose there is a God.
Suppose he's powerful, seriously powerful.
The kind of power that speaks light out of darkness,
Power to separate the earth from the sky
Power that supplies our every breath.

Suppose there is a God.
Suppose he's good, completely good.
So that the slightest hint of rebellion would crumble in his presence.
And even our very best deeds would look grimy beside him.
Nothing good can exist without him
Nothing evil has ever come from him.

Suppose there is a God.
Suppose he's loving, overwhelmingly loving.
For all of time, a father pouring blessing on his son,
That son devotedly honouring his father,
A spirit enabling and communicating this vast love
And the heart of all three desperate to share it.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose he's wise and all-knowing.
He knows the absolute best for our lives
And he lays down guidelines to help us stay on that path
He knows when we stray from it
Even when we think about straying from it.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose he's just, with high standards
He aches when those he loves are victims
And he cannot see their offenders unpunished.
Every offence is detestable to him
From the smallest to the greatest.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose he's humble, beyond humble.
That he lay aside all his divine priveleges
To walk alongside those he created
As a carpenter, not a king,
Born into squalor and scandal.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose he completely and utterly gets you.
Every struggle you face, he's been there.
Every hurt you've felt, he's wept for.
He smiles when you smile.
He's your most loyal advocate.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose he's compassionate and gracious,
His choice of friends is those others reject,
Not waiting for them to change, but meeting them where they are,
And he shows them the extent of his love
Talking the talk, and walking the walk.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose he's willing to die for you.
A death of shame, pain and inexpressible anguish
The son abandoned by the father who loved him
The father pouring out his justified, unquenchable fury
Not deserved by the son but by me.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose he's bigger than death.
And three days after his unthinkable crucifixion
His goodness and love exploded from the grave
In an unperishable body
And he's offering that same life to you.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose you could be called his child.
By trusting him, he promises life forever.
Walking alongside him in the highs and the lows
Inseparable by any mistake you might make
Because it's his deeds your relationship is based on.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose you could know him.
And be a fly on the wall with Father, Son and Spirit
Catching a glimpse of what life to the full truly means
With a direct line to speak to him anytime
And a guarantee he'd always listen and respond.

Suppose there is a God,
Suppose he has good plans for you
Moulded to your personality, abilities and passions
Taking you places you never thought possible
But never forcing you into anything
So you can choose to follow him and love him

Suppose that God exists.

Is he worth it?

Monday, 2 March 2015

Home Sweet Home

Something a little bit different today, not sure if I have shared anything crafty before but I really do love making 'things' out of 'stuff', so it seems good to share that with the ethereal blogosphere!

There are lots of things that make a house a home, for starters the people who live there and the memories made within the four walls, but we can't deny that material items and their associations do add something. I'm extremely picky when it comes to such things, I don't like anything generic, fussy, out of colour scheme or with no practical use! I'll be the first to admit I'm a nightmare to buy a present for! So basically, nearly everything in my house is either a gift, second hand (you'd run out of fingers if you tried to keep count of how many things I could say, "That was Grandad's" about) or home made, and everything must have a function, even if that function is just filling up a blank wall or holding a candle. 

So, in keeping with this pick 'n' mix kind of blog, I thought I would share a few of the items I've made in case any readers are also crafters or homemakers of some sort. I'd love to know what you think of them or hear about some of your home/craft ideas, especially if you're as fussy as I am!

Old jars, bottles, buttons and ribbons have been recycled into mood lighting for the living room.

Several people said this wall was just too white, so I made some co-ordinating bunting!

A good friend used to leave post it notes over my house, they've now been turned into motivational art for my bedroom wall.
After months of collecting toilet rolls, I created this wall hanging for the upstairs loo!

Easy peasy, carefully placed buttons and glue make a very fitting piano adornment.

I got sad once the hanging baskets were done for the summer, so I wove in some solar lights and now they still look pretty!

Those are my ideas so far, and I've had lots of fun thinking about them and making them happen, what are your home hints?