Saturday, 1 February 2014

Going solo.

Hello little blogosphere, once again I begin a post with apologies for it being aaaaages since I last wrote. I've had lots of thoughts for potential posts in the meantime, just haven't got round to nailing them down into words. However, I was very inspired last week so I really wanted to write about it.

For my birthday, my parents bought me tickets to go and see an orchestral concert at St David's Hall in Cardiff and I am so grateful as it was mind-blowingly amazing! There were three very different pieces, each beautiful in its own way but the one which totally bowled me over was Rachmaninoff,  Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.

I'm a big believer that God doesn't only reveal Himself in 'spiritual things' but rather He is the fountain of all good things, and so when we enjoy good things, we can meet Him in new ways and see His truth revealed. But I'm no theologian, so if you want more detail, check out this fantastic series of talks by the amazing Mike Reeves.

I suppose I might get to the point now! The Rachmaninoff piece is for orchestra with a piano soloist, and the guy who played last week was incredible. His fingers seemed to fly over the keys and the piano came alive with joy, excitement, tenderness, franticness and just about every emotion imaginable. I'm sure the orchestra was fantastic, but I was totally fixated on the piano and the guy playing it and any beautiful sound they made just seemed to make his solo all the more stunning. And that is what really hit me, right between the eyes, it struck a chord deep down in my soul. That is what my life is designed to be like.

Are you scratching your head? I'll unpick my thoughts a little bit! So often, I live my life like I'm the soloist, I take centre stage, I want all eyes on me and think what is most important for me, is most important full stop. But actually, being a Christian, means that God has given me the honour of being part of His backing group. He is the virtuoso, He makes the music resound, His melody is the one the world needs to hear. If some member of the orchestra decided to stand up and have their own moment to shine, it would have sounded ridiculous and they knew it! Their joy, is to be a member of the body, the orchestra, creating harmonies and counterpoint that make people sit up and pay attention to the pianist. So it is with my life, I am blessed to be a part of the worldwide church, and together, we have the opportunity to point people to the true soloist that is Christ Jesus, playing his music of love for the lost, sins forgiven and freedom to live life to the full.

Want to join the orchestra with me?

P.S: If you have a spare 25 minutes, check out a recording of the piece, such as this one. Or better still, if you have a spare evening go along to a concert with a soloist, totally worth it! 

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