Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pet Peeves {3}

So every now and then (as in, I haven't done this for over a year) I give you lovely people in the blogosphere an insight into my inner weirdness. I share my hidden grump on subjects ranging from School P.E. to miscellaneous mugs. Please bear with me, I am honestly quite a happy, sunny kind of a person otherwise, just sometimes you need to have a bit of a vent about something.

Today it's names. Don't worry, I'm not going to go all Katie Hopkins on you. It just gets my goat when people assume it's ok to shorten names. If you introduce yourself with one name, why is it ok for someone to call you something else? Maybe if they hear other people generally calling you something shorter/different then fine. But otherwise, why would you? It's either lazy or rude.

I used to be proper vigilante about this and tell people off right from the offset that my name is definitely Bethan and never Beth, but apparently that was a bit intimidating. However, if you let it slide, then how long for? The longer you leave it the more awkward it gets. Anyone know of any ways of getting people to address you as you'd like them to, without ending up sounding like the rude person yourself?

So there you have it, I realise I've now opened myself up to just about everyone calling me Beth on purpose to annoy me (or even worse, Bethany, that's just plain not my name *Ting Tings*) but it's been growing in frequency and I felt I had to say something.

Disclaimer:- if you realise that you've been calling me Beth then don't worry I don't hate you and it's not a defriendable offence, it just makes me wince a little and it doesn't feel like me.

Promise I'll make my next blog less ranty!

Any thoughts?