Friday, 5 April 2013

'Thank God for' Friday

Today is Friday, and not just any Friday, it's a Hen Friday! I've been having fun making plans and creating things and organising people in preparation for this weekend for a couple of months now which I've been enjoying a lot, so I'm looking forward to seeing reactions and hopefully seeing people enjoying themselves this weekend. But the one thing that no Hen Weekend would be complete without, is a Hen! Our Hen in question is rather special, and so today, I would like to...

...thank God for Sarah Fay =D

I've been friends with Sarah for a few years now, and the longer it's been, the more wonderful I find she is. We studied Mathematics together at Aberystwyth University and Sarah was the girl in the class who knew everyone's name and always had something nice to say to everybody. She was the girl who resurrected the MathSoc so that we might unite more as friends and not just coursemates. She was the girl I spent hours in the library with while everybody else was still at home for the holidays but we were burrowing into revision with only each other, a yard of Jaffa Cakes and Tegwen the librarian for company!

She and her (then) boyfriend (now fiance) started attending the church I went to and we got to know each other better and became closer. The two of them started coming round to my house weekly and we, along with my housemate, would have a Bible study. Those times were amazing. Sarah and Alex were so enthusiastic, interested, encouraging, honest and good fun. I think we all grew a lot in our faith through those times. We'd also joke about our lack of job application success and were going to make a 'no job club' to support each other after Uni, but then by God's amazing blessing, Sarah, Alex and myself all ended up with job/study opportunities in South Wales.

Since then, they have just brought so much sunshine and refreshment into my life. Not having many friends still in this area, it's been so wonderful to be able to call in at theirs on my way home. They are so welcoming and gracious; I never ever feel conscious of hanging out with a couple, they are a joy to spend time with individually and together. It's been especially amazing to see them establishing their faith and getting stuck into a church they love and who love them. Sarah encourages me to trust God and to be so thankful for Jesus and to include him in my daily life. She spurs me on to grow, she helps me step out and do things I'd be scared to do otherwise. I know that she would be there if ever I needed her with tea, cake and simple love. So it's an honour and a joy to be her bridesmaid and I'm very excited about this weekend!

Thank God for Sarah Fay. (And Alex too, but he's not a hen!)