Friday, 29 March 2013

Money Money Money

I know I've had a bit of a 'season off' blogging, I'd completely lost motivation and inspiration to write. But like any season, it passes and a new one comes along (yes, that does mean that someday soon, this cold 'snap' in the UK might end). Lots of ideas are swimming around my head to write about, so hopefully I'll be able to keep it up and ramble on regularly to you remarkable readers (alliteration alert)!

So at some point there will be a post about what I got up to last weekend, maybe something about this weekend - EASTER HOORAY- but for now I am going to mention a couple of things I did yesterday.

You may remember from this post that I am a bit of a finance nerd. However, this can bring about a sort of a battle within my soul. I really like researching the ins and outs and rates and returns and scribbling down crazy sums, but this can get my eyes too fixed on building up those numbers in my accounts and getting stingey and selfish with money. All too often, I become in love with ideas of what money can buy, rather than having an attitude of love and thankfulness for the money I have and desiring to steward it generously and wisely.

Then yesterday I signed up to two things. Both satisfy my inner geek, but they hopefully can also be used to benefit others as well. Firstly, my Dad has been telling me for ages that I really should sign up for a credit card. It's security if you're abroad and closer to home, it's a chance to build up that all important credit rating. Now I do get where he's coming from, but I really didn't want to get one; I hate debt and with such a piece of plastic in your hand, you could get into a real pickle. But I did some research and I found that my lovely bank offer charity credit cards where your chosen charity receive £20 the first time you use your credit card and 25p for every £100 you spend using the card and 25p for every £100 you transfer to the card. The only difference between the T&Cs for such a card with their regular credit card (and remember, I'm a geek, so I read both) is that you will get charged for withdrawing cash, but seeing as I have a debit card that I can withdraw cash for free with, that didn't seem a problem to me. So Dad's happy, and so are the lovely people at Shelter - whose significance I will explain when I post about last weekend.

I also signed up to do four modules of online learning and Bookkeeping and Accounts with Learn Direct via Groupon. I don't know yet how I will use this but I'm excited at the possibilities; maybe at some point I will work in this field and support valuable small businesses and their customers, maybe I'll become treasurer of some group or church or small charity, maybe I'll just be able to more practically help out friends or someone who's got into a bit of a pickle, or maybe it'll just be something I enjoy doing personally and I'll be more aware of how to wisely spend and track my own spending in order to use it better. 

So for now, it seems the side of wisdom and generosity has a chance of winning that inner battle. Watch this space!

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