Thursday, 8 November 2012

Don't email God.

Sorry for my lack of bloggage, no major reason, just haven't, I'm sure you've coped somehow. 
Anyway, just a little thought today - at least it's supposed to be, but you know how I ramble on sometimes.

So for quite a while now, I've been feeling frustrated in my faith. It's not that I've been doubting or straying but I just haven't felt like I'm really growing. In my time at university, I grew so much in my love for Jesus and my understanding of the Bible, but sometimes I feel like now I've just stopped.

Yesterday, I had a thought. I wasn't being uber spiritual at the time, my Bible wasn't even in the same city as me, but the thought struck me as important. I was actually in a meeting at work, and one of the items on the agenda was the sometimes somewhat strained relationship between two departments. A key point that came up was good communication. I hadn't really thought about it before, but several people said that we're far more likely to get helpful and friendly email responses, if we already know the person at the other end. An easy way to tackle this is to not be afraid to pick up the phone, or meet in person where possible, and actually talk - not electronically. This struck me as wonderfully simple but effective (though I must admit that using the phone in work still terrifies me a little).

Then I got thinking. Maybe this is how I've been relating to God. I've been surviving on the quick fixes and need to know information but not really investing much time in what should be my most important relationship. It's no wonder that I can feel like God's messages are similar to those emails of a few choice words that may as well be written in capitals given the way they come across. It can seem like all God wants to do is sap up your time and make you feel guilty. But if only I spent time reflecting on the way Jesus has demonstrated his love for me, or examining Bible passages to see what I can understand about the character of God, or talking about God more with my friends who already love Jesus and those who don't, then my relationship with God would surely start to blossom.

I'll let you know how it goes.