Saturday, 4 August 2012

A foretaste

Just a quick blog today. Inspired by the human body and the 2012 Olympics.

On Tuesday at aerobics I was struck by something. No, not the person next to me getting too enthusiastic with their jumping jacks, but a thought. This thought was further cemented in watching Olympians compete this week and the way they power through their events.

The thought was this...

As I was on round 5 or 6 of abdominal exercises and I was really starting to feel the burn, but still wanted to carry on right through it, I was just amazed by the capacity of the human body. Just when you think all the reserves are gone, you can be surprised by how much more your body can do. Then it occurred to me that this is like a tiny foretaste, a hint, an image, of what God's grace to us is like. Just when we think we have experienced the fullness of his love, the extent of his forgiveness, the greatness of  his  power, the intimacy of knowing  him personally, his grace goes further. He shows us that he actually delights to give us more. What's more, unlike our mortal bodies which will eventually reach their limit, God's grace will never run out. However big we think he is, he's bigger. Thank you God.

'The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.' 
Words of the apostle Paul to his young friend Timothy in his first letter, chapter 1, verse 14. 

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  1. Very godly attitude to exercise there Bethan :). I think would have probably collapsed and used a few less god honouring words to explain the burn after exercise :) good stuff!