Friday, 13 July 2012

'Thank God for' Friday

So I start writing this at 23.35 on Friday - just in case typing takes a while, this is still a legitimate TGFF post!

This week I have been feeling a bit rubbish and emotional. No major reasons, just a combination of being a girl, being really really tired and having too many so far unprocessed thoughts in my head I think. So that's all the more reason to stop looking in on myself and look up to God and thank him for the good things he has given me. This week I am going to say:

Thank God for Focus.

Not as in photography, or the car, but as in Focus, the 20s/30s group at church. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month which aren't school holidays and study the Bible/explore our faith together. We also meet up socially - as we did tonight for drinks and a curry.

I am thankful for Focus because, firstly, it is such a welcoming group of people. When I came home from uni, I literally had no friends left in Cardiff but this group of people are amazing because they seem to be able to pick up new people and not make them feel awkward or like the odd one out but totally welcome and like they're pleased you're there. They're just normal and fun and interested, it's ace.

Secondly, I am thankful because it's a group where no matter how long people have known Jesus for, they are seeking to know him more. We've had some really good Bible studies together this year from the book of Ruth in the Bible and great discussions about issues of faith and how we practically live as Christians day to day. We also pray together and generally look out for each other. I could mention each person at this point and describe why they're great - but it's now 23.51 so it might have to wait for another time. 

Going to Focus is always a highlight of my week, I feel like I am blessed and can be a blessing, encouraged and able to encourage, supported and able to support. So thank you God, very much, for Focus.

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  1. I LOVE you Bethan!! :] VERY MUCH. I am glad about Focus. I love you. xx