Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Real Post

Everybody loves getting 'real' post. It seems to me to be a fact of life. Even the most disinterested of people can't help perking up just a bit when someone has bothered to write to them or send them something in the post. Even the post we kind of send for ourselves, like if we've ordered something to be delivered. That end of suspense when you can rip open (or carefully unseal if you're one of those types) the packaging and what lies within is revealed. Everyone loves post.

Today I received 4 hand written letters in the post - well one was a postcard that was addressed to both my Mum and I but I think it still counts. It was very exciting! Another contained some CDs and a DVD from a friend and some scribbles to update me on her life. Another was a lovely sprawled letter of joy which couldn't contain itself on the card and spilled over onto both sides of a piece of paper as well. The other was very thoughtful but a bit too personal to blog about. But it was so great to feel connected to those people even though we can't be in the same place at the same time. Yes I think connection is a big part of why we love post so much, that despite the busyness of life, we can 'be' with people who aren't closeby. Whether we were expecting it or it was a total surprise, those moments are worth cherishing.

My post quota has gone up in general recently too because I have tried to get into the habit of writing to people regularly. I decided to do this after a wonderful holiday just before Easter where I saw lots of people I wouldn't normally see and I so enjoyed hearing what was new or important in their lives and updating them on mine. With letters, you do exactly the same; you invest time in the person, show them they're special and you care about them, keep in touch with the things that matter. Moreover, there is the space and time in a letter to think through your words, much more so than electronic communication, to make what you say count and be coherent or encouraging or supportive or funny. 

Most of the New Testament in the Bible is made up of letters. Mostly written by a man named Paul to churches or individuals. It must have been so exciting to receive such a letter from this guy who God was using so powerfully at the time. It's helpful to remember as we read these letters or epistles that they were written with that kind of thoughtfulness and intent and a desire to share God's love - even the ones which sound like a telling off. And through some marvellous work of the Holy Spirit, those words are like 'real post' to us today from God Himself. He has something to say to us and has given us a way of 'being' with him even  though we can't see him, and if we let it, that something might encourage or excite or challenge or change us.

If you would like some 'real post' from me, then let me know your address and I would be all too happy to write to you, whoever you are. If you would just like some 'real post' period, then check out one of the letters in the New Testament and see what God might have to say to you personally, because he loves you and he desires to have that connection with you.

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  1. I love sending and receiving post too! Since moving to Cardiff I’ve made a real effort to use my extra free time and my boring job to make sure I’m sending real letters and keeping up to date with people via emails. I feel like it’s really paid off actually as we still feel connected to people even though we’re far away and I’ve actually seem some of our friendships deepen despite the distance. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep it up when the baby arrives!