Friday, 15 June 2012

Pet Peeves {2}

So I am breaking with tradition today, and sharing a 'Pet Peeve'* with the blogosphere, even though it's 'Thank God For' Friday! Shocked? Trust me, this post is about to get more shocking.

I only feel that it is safe to vent my frustrations at the subject of today's rant now that most of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations are over. Now you're probably thinking, 'Oh no! She hates the Queen or street parties or ... dun dun duh ... worse still, tea!' But fear not, I like all those things an appropriate amount. What I really can't stand though, and they're just about everywhere at the moment, are those 'Keep Calm and blah blah blah' posters/mugs/umbrellas/pencil cases/coasters/some other rip off.

At this point I was going to insert a picture example, but looking through them I got so cross with their ridiculous pointlessness that I couldn't bring myself to share one. Sorry.

You might be a big fan of this nostalgic bric-a-brac, and pretty shocked that anyone might not be taken with them too, but I'm going to try and convey why I dislike them so intently. So why do these things get on my nerves? Well, for one, as I said, they're everywhere! And there's nothing less likely to make me calm down, than being bombarded with commands to keep calm! Quite frankly, I was calm, I was fine, I was in no danger of being anything but calm, on the verge of what you might call 'serene' even, but when I see these slogans (i.e. all the time) I become frustrated and annoyed at this ethereal voice telling me what to do with these somewhat less than subliminal messages.

What I don't have a problem with, is the original purpose of the original poster. It was designed to keep morale up in early WW2, when there actually was a situation worth worrying over. They didn't end up being distributed in great numbers but that's by the by. The point is that even suggesting that to 'Keep Calm and Buy Stuff' or similar is totally disrespectful to the people the poster was originally intended for. Britons in WW2 were facing town bombings, young men going off to fight in their tens of thousands, children being evacuated to strangers' homes miles from home, extreme rationings and so much more. OK, our country's not perfect today, but what have we got to 'keep calm' about that really compares to that?

So there, I've said it, I can't stand them, they're annoying, insensitive and manipulative. I know they're popular at the moment and I'm sorry if I've offended you because you own some of this memorabilia but frankly, they get on my toot!

*If you're new to the blog, I am not a super angry person honest! But Pet Peeves is just an occasional spot where I vent my frustrations on something I find annoying :)

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