Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Over to you...

So I suddenly realised that although my next choir concert is still two weeks away, I'm away most of next week and hence I am calling upon your help. I am the choir's usual solo spot (I qualified for this role by being under 55) and so I need to rustle up a few items. The remit is that it mustn't require too much practice for me to sing and play the piano for myself and it should be pretty audience friendly, I tend to go for songs from the shows/old american songbook types. Therefore, I thought I would just go with some of my golden oldies but I would spice it up a little by letting cyber space decide! One item is already up my sleeve and I'm very excited about it although I'm under strict instructions to keep it secret. I reckon I'll need another item for the first half and then two for the second half. Here are your choices ladies and gents...

As long as he needs me - from Oliver
Adelaide's Lament - from Guys and Dolls
Luck be a Lady - also G&D
It's a Fine Fine Line - from Avenue Q
The Sound of Music - no prizes for guessing what that's from
I Have Confidence - also from the Sound of Music
Anything else you've heard me sing before (except 'It Don't Mean a Thing' because we do that as a choir)
Something from a hymn book

So it's over to you! I'll update the post if I remember anything else I can pull out of my musical hat. And if you have any ideas of things which would be fun to sing in the future, please suggest because I'm always looking to bulk out my repertoire!

Thanks blog buddies!


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    1. Thanks for your input, it was duly noted! Adelaide's Lament was third after I Have Confidence from The Sound of Music and I Know Him So Well as a duet with my Mum (that was the secret one), then As Long As He Needs Me (without a cockney accent) to finish off!