Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Thus sings my dearest jewel...

Something you may or may not know about me.
I sing in a choir.
A lovely ladies choir who I love to pieces and they love me. It's more like going to sing with 28 aunties every Tuesday evening - I am frequently reminded that they knew me since before I was born! We sing a massive variety of music probably ranging about 7 centuries (when the choir was originally formed back in the 60s it was called The Gwent Elizabethan Singers) and at the moment I am particularly enjoying a Madrigal we're learning. Madrigals are funny because none of them are really much alike and they often have quite silly words. Some might have been pretty explicit at the time of writing (see 'A kiss is a harmless pleasure' below)! I like the words and the (very) old fashioned romance of this one but also the honesty and common sense in matters of love, check it out:

Thus sings my dearest jewel;
In love delay is cruel,
Or come and kiss me quickly,
Or say thou dost not love me.
Fa la la...

Now sings my lovely treasure,
In love a kiss is a harmless pleasure,
Fa la la...

Like it?
Are you into any unusual music?
Is this your idea of romance?


  1. I love Mozart's Requiem Mass. It sounds a bit morbid, but when I need cheering up or need to relax I'll play it at full blast. Now I'm going to sound really geeky: I quite Elizabethan music because it often has quite minor and interesting harmonies with strong cadential sequences.

    1. I don't actually know that Mass, we sang Mozart's Coronation Mass in school choir. But school choir sadly had the habit of sucking all goodness out of any piece, so maybe that put me off his other ones. I'll give it a go again though.
      Fyi, tonight's offering in choir:
      It Don' Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing
      Barbershop arrangement of "I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair"
      A few movements from Vivaldi's Gloria
      The above madrigal again (totally with you on Elizabethan music, and if you can't be geeky in the blog world, where can you?)
      And So It Goes by Billy Joel (majorly depressing)

  2. Bethan its been 3 weeks since you blogged and I love hearing what you are getting up to/thinking about...just want to encourage you to write a bit more. Big love :) x