Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Happy and Joyful

I was in a bit of a grump today, but for the following reasons I am now feeling happy:

  • Shared in a lot of laughter this evening with Focus (will explain what this is in another post sometime)
  • Walked home in the rain (this is actually a good thing in my book) and it was warm and it was beautiful and I saw a frog close up.
  • My Mum made an amazing beef pie for tea.

And for the following reasons I am full of joy:

  • Listened to an excellent sermon on my way home from work about washing up which was a really good reminder of gospel truth but also really practical and inspiring.
  • The words from this Rend Collective Expermint song ring so true:
                            'We've been oceans apart,
                             But You part oceans to be with me'
  • God is reminding me of my purpose where I had forgotten it.

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